Patrick Hamilton and Gaslight

Patrick Hamilton and Gaslight

Patrick Hamilton was born in Hassocks, Sussex in 1904. He published his first novel, CRAVEN HOUSE, in 1926, and within a few years had established a wide readership for himself.

Despite personal setbacks and an increasing problem with drink, he was still able to write some of his best work. His plays include the thrillers ROPE (1929) – arguably his first real success – and GASLIGHT (1939) and an historical drama, THE DUKE IN DARKNESS (1943).

He died in 1962, of liver and kidney failure, in Sheringham, Norfolk.

Whilst The Rep has never produced Rope, we have performed The Duke In Darkness in 1972 and Gaslight twice previously. The first, in 1965, saw Humphrey Kennerell as Jack Manningham and Valerie Anderson as Bella Manningham. In 1995 the roles were played by Brian Rawlins and Julie Grant. We hope for equal success in 2023 when James Freeman and Sian Weedon take on these classic roles.

Sian Weedon & James Freeman

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