30 Years On

30 Years On

After over twenty productions as an actor, spanning over thirty years, Jane Procter is set to Direct only her second play for The Rep.

Teechers, 1994

Jane Procter joined The Rep in 1990 and her first role was as Mae in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Directed by Ken Lowe and staring Derek Yeomans, Debbie Mouat, Mary Bartholomew and Lois Sassi, among others.

Four years and five roles later, she was once more cast oppposite Derek, this time in the three-hander, Teechers, with Michaela Warrilow. The play involved the actors taking on numerous roles with Jane’s character, Hobby, playing the parts of Mrs Parry, Ms Jones, Mr Basford, Ron, Piggy Paterson, Oggy Moxon and Mrs Clifton!

In over 30 years, Jane has played numerous, diverse, roles from comedy and farce to period and staraight drama. She has playerd the role of, respectively, Sylvia and Ruth in our 1994 and 2002 productions of Stepping Out, Mrs Malaprop in The Rivals, Lady Saltburn in our 1996 production of Present Laughter and more recently, Chris in Calendar Girls.

In 2010, Jane made her directorial debut with us in Rumors. Over ten years later, she is once more at the helm directing our latest production, Trivial Pursuits and, by strange coincedence, is once more directing John Stone.

Frank Vickery’s comedic look at the world of amateur dramatics – with biting one-liners, moments of pure slapstick and hilarious farce, Trivial Pursuits is a production not to be missed.

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