Duets – 12 months in the making

Duets – 12 months in the making

Duets – the play that has been 12 months in the making

The idea to present a production of Duets came about through a search for a play that would be easy to produce in a COVID-safe environment as we came out of the first lockdown. A date of the 8th – 12th December 2020 was chosen and advertised.

Planned and rehearsed to observe social distancing and conform to ever-changing COVID regulations, Duets was an ideal choice to fit this bill – four separate plays consisting of two cast members each. The four different apartments had to be streamlined and the doors replaced with archways to avoid doorhandles being touched by other members of the company. All props were personal and individually identified. As we approached the date of our first performance after lockdown, the first for nearly 12 months, we once again were forced to close our doors and regrettably postpone the production. We, tentatively, hoped to bring you this production in February 2021 but the hospitality industry was still in lockdown.

Finally we are back in rehearsal, albeit with a few changes to cast due to changing availability, and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that we can finally bring Duets to the stage on 12th – 16th October  – almost 12 months later than originally planned.


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