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The target of Gilbert’s humour in ‘Patience’ is the excesses of the aesthetic movement which flourished in England between 1870 and the mid 1880’5. Originally the movement, led by William Morris, was a totally welcome and healthy reaction to Victorian ugliness. But soon, as with other more recent artistic movements it acquired its cult figures, mindless apostles, devotees and poseurs and what had been a creative force became a cultural fad.



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Reginald Bunthorne, a Fleshly Poet
Archibald Grosvenor, an Idyllic Poet
Mr Bunthorne’s Solicitor
Colnel Calverley, Officer of Dragoon Guards
Major Murgatroyd, Officer of Dragoon Guards
Lieut. the Duke of Dunstable
The Lady Angela, Rapturous Maiden
The Lady Saphir, Rapturous Maiden
The Lady Ella, Rapturous Maiden
The Lady Jane, Rapturous Maiden
Patience, a Dairymaid

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Patience - 1988