Laurence Steele

Laurence Steele

Key Figure

In 1920, Laurence Steele, together with Eric W Pidduck and a group of amateur enthusiasts, came together to rehearse and perform a production of “Caste” to raise money for charity. This production was perfomed at The Empire Theatre, Longton on 17th February, 1921 and the seeds that would become The Repertory Players was born.

Over the next thirty years, Laurence Steele was a driving force in the progression of The Players, leading the search for a permanent home and serving in a variety of roles on the committee – all whilst directing and acting in numerous productions. He left the Repertory Players in 1951.

Laurence directed the last play to be performed at The Studio, (Webberley’s, Hanley) and the first play at their new permanent home, St. Judes’ Parish Hall in Beresford Street, Shelton. His Directing credits stretch to over thirthy productions with a few of the more memorable (for various reasons!) being The Knight Of The Burning Pestle, A Rose Without A Thorn and Ring Up The Curtain.


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