Fallen Angels

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FALLEN ANGELS nearly failed to reach the stage at all, and when it did it was severely mauled by the critics. Despite this it had a successful London run in 1925 and has been popular ever since.

The critics described the play variously as vulgar, disgusting, shocking, nauseating, vile, obscene and degenerate. The Daily Express went so far as to describe the wayward wives as ‘suburban sluts’. Their remarks indicate more about the chauvinism of 1920’s theatre critics than the play itself, which remains an amusing and ingenious piece of Theatre.

(extract from the programme)

Best friends now happily married to others, Julia and Jane both once counted the dashing Frenchman Maurice as their lover. Guess who’s back in town and requesting the pleasure of the ladies company? Coward at his inimitable best, the story is a champagne cocktail of wit and charm.



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Julia Sterroll
Fred Sterroll
Willy Banbury
Jane Banbury
Maurice Duclos

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Fallen Angels - 1989