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(or: “Everybody loves a ‘body’. . .”!!)

One of the age-old oddities of human nature is that people love mysteries. To keep the audience in suspense has been one of the favourite objectives of storytellers and authors throughout the ages.

Ira Levin’s impressive pedigree must ensure him a place in the top league of American thriller writers. His novella, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ provided the story for Roman Polanski’s film of that name, and he was author of the screenplay ‘The Stepford Wives’ and of ‘Deathtrap’, which, after running successfully in New York and London, became a film starring Michael Caine as the devious ‘Sidney Bruhl’.

As a ’whodunnit?’ the play surely ranks among the best of modern thrillers and is in the best traditions of ‘Rope’, ‘Sleuth’ and ‘Dial M for Murder’. Opening with a scene of disarming normality, the story twists, turns and twists again, always credible but splendidly bizarre.

Those amateur detectives who enjoy solving the mystery or others who simply prefer to sit back and enjoy the thrills. and spills will all enjoy ‘Deathtrap’ for its humour — and its horror …

The action takes place in Sidney Bruhl’s study, in the Bruhl home in Westport, Connecticut


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Sidney Bruhl
Myra Bruhl
Clifford Anderson
Helga ten Dorp
Porter Milgrim

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Deathtrap - 1987