The Crucible

About the play

This rich expansive play presents a vivid account of the Salem witch-hunts that took place in Massachusetts in 1692.

Miller has successfully discovered a voice that reflects the lives of these Seventeenth Century Puritan settlers. It is full of rich, poetic imagery and captures, in its Biblical overtones, both the simplicity of the ordinary villagers and the fervor of the religious zealots.


Betty Parris
Rev. Samuel Parris
Abigail Williams
Susanna Walcott
Goodwife Ann Putnam
Thomas Putnam
Mercy Lewis
Mary Warren
John Proctor
Goodwife Rebecca Nurse
Giles Corey
Rev. John Hale
Goodwife Elizabeth Proctor
Francis Nurse
Ezekiel Cheever
Marshall Herrick
Judge Hathorne
Deputy-Governor Danforth
Sarah Good

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The Crucible - 1993