The Accrington Pals

About the play

Although the play tells the heart-warming, funny and very human story of a battalion, ‘The Accrington Pals’, in World War One, it is really more concerned with those left at home to wail. Set in Lancashire, the play was actually written by a distinguished Staffordshire playwright, Peter Whelan.
First performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Warehouse, London, on 10th April, 1981, ‘The Accrington Pals‘ has all the elements of good theatre: honest characterisation, a strong storyline, true-to-life dialogue and an abundance of natural humour.

Ted Watkins, Director

(from the programme)


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First Soldier
Tom Hackford
May Hassal 
Arthur Boggis
Reggie Boggis
Annie Boggis
Eva Mason
Sarah Harding
Bertha Treecott
C.S.M. Rivers

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The Accrington Pals - 1990