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Stoke-on-Trent Repertory Theatre Limited

Staggered Arrival and Entry Times based on Seat Numbers

  • Seats 16 to 26 – Please Arrive for      7:00 pm
  • Seats 15 to 9   –   Please Arrive for     7.10 pm
  • Seats 8 to 1     –   Please Arrive for     7.20 pm

On arrival could you please remain in your cars until notified by relevant Seat Numbers displayed at the Main Entrance

Non-Invasive Temperature Check

A Temperature Check by InfraRed Thermometer will be made at the Entrance.

Entry will be refused if a reading of 37.8 C or above is registered. If you are feeling unwell with a fever or chills, a new cough, sore throat or loss of taste and smell please do not attend the theatre

Face Masks

These are now mandatory in public buildings since August 8th 2020 and a Face Covering/Mask must be worn on entry, in the foyer and auditorium during the performance. Entry will be refused if a Face Mask is not worn and proof of Exemption by Card or Lanyard is not provided.

One Way System

A One Way System will be in operation in the Foyer and Auditorium – please follow the signs and keep appropriate Social Distancing at all times.

Toilet Access

There will be limited access of 2 persons at any time to the Foyer toilets, both Gents and Ladies, with Floor markings for Social Distancing should queues develop

Auditorium Social Distanced Seating

Your purchased seats are not inter-changeable and seats marked with a X must be left vacant.

If you have any queries, please ask the Front Of House staff for assistance on arrival.

NHS Covid-19 App

The NHS QR-Code for the App can be found on the main door and can be scanned by a ‘smartphone’ before entry into the building.